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Stay flexible with an AMC Flexible Facility

With an AMC Flexible Facility you can borrow £30,000+ for up to five years, and pay back at a rate that suits your cash flow:

  • When money is tight, you can reduce the monthly payment.
  • When you have spare cash, you can make extra payments to reduce the amount you owe.

These short-term loans are a simple, flexible way to fund new projects or manage fluctuations in your income and expenditure. And, because they’re secured against either property or land, they give you access to more capital just when you need it.

Use the built-in flexibility to make your life easier

You know best what your farm or rural business needs and you can use our short-term Flexible Facility for a number of different purposes, such as:

  • paying for inputs such as seed or fertiliser
  • buying farm machinery
  • buying livestock
  • developing property for rent or sale
  • expanding your business
  • putting up new buildings
  • offsetting a cash flow shortfall from the Basic Payment Scheme.

If you’re an arable farmer with income concentrated in the autumn, for example, you could buy your inputs, and pay back a smaller amount during the leaner months of the year. You could then repay more when cash from your harvest comes in.

If you need funds for a new building or stock that won’t bring in income for some time, the Flexible Facility can let you cover the cost without worrying about interest or capital payments until there’s a return on your investment.

Extending your facility

You can ask for an extension of your Flexible Facility at any time. But, if you know you’ll need a larger loan over a longer term, it may be best to speak to us for details of other options.

We can provide a Standard Loan from £25,001 upwards for any period from five to 30 years, with the choice of fixed or variable** interest rates.

Making withdrawals

Once you’ve registered for telephone transactions, you can withdraw funds from your account during office hours by phoning your AMC account manager or head office.

Simply ask for a transfer to your nominated bank account. The minimum transfer is £5,000.

Flexible short-term loans – Costs at a glance

  • The interest rate on your loan is variable, and interest is calculated daily.
  • The setting-up cost is negotiable, but starts at £750 for the minimum £30,000 loan.
  • There’s an annual administration charge of 0.5% of the total loan amount.

Applying for a loan

View details of the application process and the documents you will need, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

How to apply

**There is always a possibility that interest rates may go down leaving a fixed rate loan at a higher level compared to a variable rate loan. However, if interest rates rise, a fixed rate loan will remain at the same rate.

How much can you borrow?

Use our Mortgage and Loans Calculator to work out how much you could borrow to support your ambitions.

Mortgage Calculator

Making payments

You agree your monthly payments when you set up your agreement and these are automatically collected by direct debit.

You can change the amount at any time, free of charge, subject to giving us at least 30-days' notice. Just phone your account manager or head office.

  • You can choose the level of payment you wish to make each month, either clear all the interest automatically, or pay as little as £5 per month – in effect, taking a payment holiday.*
  • You can also make lump sum payments (£500 minimum) without charge, either by cheque using your account paying-in form, or via BACS or CHAPS (there’s a charge for these electronic services at the remitter’s end). Payments that put your account into credit can’t be accepted.
  • You’ll receive a monthly statement showing your transactions and balance unless the balance is nil.

*If you pay a regular monthly sum that is less than the full amount of interest due for that period, the 'unpaid interest' element will be included within your facility balance and you will pay 'interest on the interest' in the following months.

Calls charged at standard rate.

AMC loans available for business purposes only, provided on a secured loan basis. Minimum AMC standard loan £25,001, minimum flexible facility £30,000. To meet customer requirements, lending criteria will vary. Lending is subject to status.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment you can use the Next Generation Text (NGT) Service (previously Text Relay/Typetalk).

Office hours are 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank and Public holidays.

Please note that any data sent via e-mail is not secure and could be read by others.

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